3 Popular Wiccan Magic Spells

Here are three popular Wiccan Magic Spells for you personally – equally of The straightforward and elaborate variety. Hope you discover them helpful.

Wiccan Magic Spells # one

The next is usually a Scottish Wiccan like spell. In Wiccan tradition the breasts are regarded as a image of fidelity and long term determination – relationship. Which is why in this Scottish appreciate spell, you, a woman, should position 1 ivy leaf within the cleavage of one’s two breasts and concurrently chant:

“Ivy leaf, I love you legitimate In my bosom I maintain you. The 1st youthful man who smiles at me My upcoming spouse he shall be.”

Consequently, be mindful, which handsome male smiles at you subsequent early morning!

Wiccan Magic Spells # 2

The identify of the subsequent spell is witch candle spell. You have to select a Friday night to accomplish this spell. Take a large sheet of crimson foil and area a candle on it. The candle needs to be pink or crimson and formed like a witch. At the bottom with the candle, You need to inscribe the identify of your respective beloved whose love you wish.

Then consider ample quantity of patchouli crucial oil or musk oil or rose oil and anoint the candle totally. Then you have to mild the candle and chant thrice:

“Witch candle Witch candle Brilliant with hearth Summon the spirits To convey my want.”

Each night one particular inch on the candle must burn off down, not more than that. Enable Types of witchcraft The complete candle burn up down Within this manner until it becomes a wax puddle. Then accumulate the puddle inside the pink foil, wrap up the remains tightly and put the bundle securely beneath your mattress for one whole week.

Do not ever carry it out throughout that one 7 days. When those 7 days and seven evenings have passed, you’ll be able to throw within the witch candle into running drinking water – say, a stream or perhaps a brook or simply a river and chant loudly:

“Witch candle Witch candle Permit your magic bind Witch candle Witch candle Enable………. (Name of your respective beloved) be mine.

May perhaps it be.”

Wiccan Magic Spells # 3

This Wiccan Magic Spell is known as the hearth spell. It’s important to complete it during midnight at a time if the moon is waxing in Taurus or Libra. You should gather beforehand 1 form of dried root – possibly ginseng or serpent aria or mandrake in addition to two rose petals, dragon’s blood and 1 pinch of rosemary. Cast many of the substances right into a blazing fire at that sacred second.

Let the magical herbs burn up down to ashes. You, inside the meanwhile, must rest and consider really romantic feelings about the person who’s your object of affection and whom you would like to entice. You can also sing out your beloved’s title or chant his/her title inside a trance until the fire burns out wholly. They are some samples of Wiccan Magic Spells pertaining to like.