3 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Hosting for Your Business Blog

A business blog is an attractive marketing tool that can help inform prospective customers about your products and services. Launching and maintaining a blogis a great way to enhance your business’s online presence and boost the SEO ranking of your website. Dedicated hosting can play a big role in ensuring that your blogfunctions well. While you may be tempted to use the cheaper hosting services for your business blog, dedicated hosting planscan prove to be more advantageous in terms of efficiency and safety.

Purpose of a Business Blog

Blogging is an effective way to create brand awareness, besides strengthening the relationship with new and existing customers. By providing useful and relevant content, a business can continue educating and motivating its customers, and retaining their attention. The sharing of links to blogs can enhance traffic to the site and lead to exponential market growth. What must be ensured is that the main purpose of your business blog, which is to reach a wider audience, is not hit by a lack of resources or disruptions in hosting. This is where dedicated hosting proves useful.

The performance of your blogsite is largely driven by the type of hosting services being used to maintain it. Shared hosting plans are cheaper but come with limited resources and a major risk of safety threat due to other websites sharing the same server. Also, any disruptions or increases in the traffic of the other websites may affect the performance of your business blogsite. So, if you wish to ensure that your blogsite remains safe and has low latency levels and downtime, go for dedicated hosting server hosting in India.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting for Your Business Blog

Dedicated hosting means a fully independent server is used to host and manage your website. The complete access to the server and other resources will not only boost the performance of your website but also make it more safe and efficient. Here are some benefits of using dedicated hosting for your business blog:

Customisation:Having a business blog with its dedicated server means you can customise the associated hardware and software to meet the needs of your business. This includes requirements related to bandwidth, storage, accessibility, and control. You can check with your hosting provider about the features included and the customization options in your hosting plan.

Better User Experience:Using dedicated hosting services means the chances of your website not functioning properly are reduced drastically. Since all the resources are being used by your website, its efficiency is assured. The use of a dedicated server means lower downtime, better page upload times, a good browsing experience for visitors to your blog and much more. This leads to visitors returning to your site again and again.

High Level of Security: Shared hosting can make your website prone to security threats arising from other websites or independent sources. A DDoS attack can bring your blog server down indefinitely. You can easily avoid such a situation by hosting your blog on a dedicated server that comes with additional layers of security. The reduced risk of phishing attacks and other security threats allows you to focus on running and promoting your business.

While looking for dedicated server hosting in India do ensure that the plans include DDoS protection besides 24/7 support by server experts to deal with any type of problem.