4 Most Visited places in the South of Cebu Philippines

Cebu is considered as the best place to visit while you are having a vacation in the Philippines. The place is very rich in white sand beaches, friendly sea creatures, beautiful water falls and many more.


As you may already know that Cebu is in the heart of the Philippines. This means this is very accessible if you are coming from the northern part, Luzon or from the southern part, Mindanao, of the country. There are hundreds of flights coming in and out in the city.

In this article, you will find the 4 most visited places in the southern part of Cebu.

  1. Badian – The very known place if you talk about waterfalls. This is where you can find the famous Kawasan falls, and in addition, you can do a canyoneering activity where you traverse the canyon where the waters of Kawasan falls is coming from. The falls has 3 levels. If you have lots of time visiting the falls, we recommend visiting all those levels. It will be totally worth it.
  2. Moalboal– Another place that you can visit in the Southern part of Cebu is Moalboal. This place is famous because of beautiful corals found in Pescador island, thousands of sardines, where you can snorkel with them, and the turtle chasing activity. It is very fun to chase a turtle as they are very friendly sea creatures. Moalboal is also famous when we talk about beaches. Basdako is very known place in the town where locals and foreign tourists go there every weekend.
  3. Oslob – Located in the most southern part of Cebu which is 120 kilometers from the city center and very accessible by a public bus. The town is very known because of the whale shark watching where you can do snorkeling and swim with these gentle giants, or you can scuba dive with them. You can also find Tumalog falls in Oslob which is very nice to relax. Another attraction you can find is the Sumilon island which you will surely enjoy its sandbar.
  4. Simala – A very known place to Roman Catholics where you can find the shrine of the Mama Mary. They are open from 8 o’clock in the morning and closes at 5 in the afternoon. You can do side trip to this place if you are coming from Oslob, Badian or Moalboal.

So those are the 5 places in southern Cebu that you should not miss visiting if you are having a vacation in the Philippines. You can stay in the city center and visit these places in a day or two. There are lots of travel agencies in Cebu who can arrange your tours and packages.