5 Key elements of successful product packaging

It can be difficult to get your product’s packaging just right. Yet, it is one of the most influential aspects of making a sale. A 2018 study found that 7 out of 10 consumers say that they are actively influenced by the aesthetics of product packaging.

There is no one-fits-all formula that ensures that you can reap the benefits of these 7. However, there are a few features that will elevate your packaging’s quality, make sure the right information reaches your customers as well as some design hacks you can try out. 

Most of the tips you will find in the article revolve around custom stickers. Using stickers for your product’s packaging means that you can create such effects quickly and effectively. Working with a sticker printing company you trust, you can create beautiful designs to level up your packaging. Does that sound good? Then let us jump right into it.

  1. Invest in high-quality materials 

No matter if it is your stickers, jars, cardboard boxes or mailers, high quality materials stand for high-quality products. Delivering high quality consistently is what you want your brand to be about. Eventually, it will be these expectations that get consumers to buy from you. 

With stickers, you can save a lot of money on your packaging. Instead of having to custom print each of your materials, you can simply use stickers to brand them. This makes high-quality packaging materials affordable and scalable. 

  1. Select your product information 

Especially when you are selling food or cosmetic products, you are required to put a certain amount of legal information on your products. On top of that, you want to advertise your product and create beautiful packaging – that is a lot for a usually small custom label or sticker. 

Be selective with your product information. It needs to be both digestible and legible for your customers. An over-crowded label is neither. As a rule of thumb, when designing your stickers, ensure that each letter is at least 1.2mm high. This is a standard used by printing companies to check the legibility of text before printing. 

  1. Embrace white space 

Similarly, we encourage you to be okay with white space. It is only natural to want to fill every ounce of space you have with information, text or an illustration, but if you think about the most successful campaigns, they all have one thing in common: simplicity. 

White space simply means that absence of text or design that will then become part of the design. Think about Apple. Their products are famous for their minimalist, sleek designs. You can do that too. Strip it back and let your products stand for themselves.

  1. Keep it on brand 

When you invest in product packaging, do it coherently. If you elevate your containers, also invest in your shipping boxes, envelopes and your unboxing experience. This will turn a simple purchase into an interaction with your brand. 

This also means that your new product packaging should stand for your brand. Create die cut stickers with the logos and colors your customers are already familiar with, and choose materials that mirror your brand features. There are many effect materials you can choose from to communicate your brand story. 

  1. Go sustainable

Maybe you are already investing in sustainable or compostable materials when it comes to your product’s packaging? Or are you looking for ways to become more sustainable as a brand? This is a great way to get your products aligned with your ethics and values. 

Many sticker printing companies offer amazing biodegradable and compostable alternatives to standard plastic stickers. With these, you can either brand your eco-friendly products or inform customers about the sustainable qualities of your packaging materials. 

And those were five elements of successful product packaging. Are you ready to put them into action and see your brand transform? We sure are, and cannot wait to see what you will create. Leave us a comment in the section below if you want to share your experience.