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Building permits are normally documents that confirm that a building surveyor has inspected and approved building work before its commencement. These documents are required for most building projects, alterations, demolitions and removals. They basically act as a system of control to establish, maintain and improve standards for the construction and maintenance of buildings and protect the safety and health of people using them. These documents ensure that the work has been carried out as per certain rules and regulations and that no discrepancy has occurred that can jeopardize the health of the building and its occupants. In most cases, the builder or the contractor who has taken up renovation work can obtain all the proper permits, where required, prior to the commencement of work. You as the owner can also obtain the permits for the work. Either way, the decision of who should apply for the permit should be clearly stipulated in the contract.

It is often quite confusing and difficult to know as permis de construire en ligne to when and what kind of work do you need a permit for. Different localities have different rules and regulations and different reasons for which permits are required. While some activities like moving a sink or demolishing a load-bearing wall may require permits, jobs like replacing doors or windows on a one-for-one basis or even upgrading your countertops may not require any permits. In such cases the best way to clear your confusion is by making a phone call to your local permitting office. This can help you to determine if you need a permit. Many permit officers are happy to discuss permitting issues with anonymous callers as a way to ward off future code violations.

In some states, it is required that a licensed contractor file for a permit, while some other states will allow the homeowner to pull the permit if they will be acting as their own contractor. To start with you have to submit a detailed drawing and a plan of the work that you will be undertaking. The permit office will provide you with detailed information describing the building, electrical, plumbing, fire protection codes, etc. that needs to be adhered to. This information will help you determine what inspections will need to be performed by the inspector and when they must be done. Sometimes you will need to schedule these inspections well in advance, and other times the inspector may drop by unexpected also. As soon as the permit office reviews the plans and finds it as per rules, the permit is issued for the necessary work and work can be commenced. On important rule that has to be followed during the course of the work is that the permit must be displayed on a front window during the course of the work.