Clicks In 60 Seconds Test Game Online

Clicks in 60 Seconds is a free-to-play browser game that was created by Playpennies Ltd, a London based company. As stated on the website , it is “a funny and addictive online multiplayer test game.” There are three different modes, each having their own objective: clicking, dragging objects for money, and moving around a map to find an item. The object of the last mode is to find your way from the starting point to the basket with 4 golden coins . Each player starts out with an attached blue balloon that will pop if it hits anything but any other player’s balloon. Players can shoot missiles at each other by pressing ‘space’ multiple times. The game ends when one of the two player’s balloons pop.

A recent study tested working memory in children who played games like this that require continuous responses, on some occasions including ones where they were not able to complete their task due to distractions . This is because some children would allow themselves to be distracted by other things while some did not, which affected their performance during the test. Researchers found that it was better if the children had worked on making improvements before taking part in this specific test; however, there was still no significant difference between them and adults (who also participated). They concluded though that the Clicks in 60 Seconds Test Game requires extra cognitive resources since players need to focus carefully at what is happening around them while playing.

How To Play

This is a clicker type of game that requires players to press the button as many times as they can within a minute.Click Here For More Info


  • Practice makes perfect. Try to play the game as much as you can and practice provides better results than not practicing at all.
  • Concentrate on what is happening around you, pay attention to the number of clicks that everyone has made and try to beat their score. To do this, focus your eyes on the middle area of the screen in order to know when is a good time for you to press and release the button so that your accuracy is higher each time.

Experience With The Game:

Try to play again even if you think that it is very difficult. Spend some time practicing and continue trying until you start getting better results. Concentrate on what is happening around you, pay attention to other people’s scores so that you have an incentive to beat them! The more times you play , the better your performance becomes. So, the more you play, the faster/better you will get at this game!

Final Thoughts

In this specific test, researchers investigated how well children can focus their attention on a relatively short activity for one minute, and they compared it with adults’ ability. They also tested if prior improvements in attention abilities will affect performance during the test. The Children’s Clicks In 60 Seconds Test Game required participants to press a switch as fast as possible for 1 minute, and it tracked how often the player clicked. Researchers found out that younger children have better average clicking speed than older children or adults because younger children are able to pay more attention since they have less distractions from other things happening around them (such as mobile phones or screens). Researchers also found out that when older children or adults are exposed to psychological training programs in attention, their clicking speed will improve.