Find Out Why Saffron is the World’s Most Expensive Spice and How to Use It

Saffron is the sector’s maximum luxurious spice.

You’ve probably visible it inside the spice aisle of your grocery store. There the various jars full to bursting with cinnamon, cloves, mustard seeds, fennel, cumin, cilantro and such is a jar with an envelope in it. Inside the envelope is the saffron. So treasured that you do not get a full jar just like the other spices — but a small envelope. For typically two times the rate of all of the different jars.

The world’s maximum highly-priced spice.

There is right cause for this as you may see.

What is Saffron and How Is It Produced

Saffron is made from the stigma of a crocus flower. The stigmas are the ones tiny, fuzzy parts within the very center of the blossom that stick out one needle thin little stalks.

Each crocus plant has simplest three (3!) of those stigmas — every about as big as a grain of rice. So it takes approximately one hundred,000 stigmas — all picked with the aid of hand — to make a pound of natural saffron.

And do not forget, those come from the flower of the plant — so saffron can simplest be gathered once a 12 months throughout a totally small window of possibility.

Add Politics to the Equation

Although the politically stable us of a of Spain produces some of the sector’s pleasant saffron, a good deal of the rest comes from Iran and Kashmir. Political unrest, wide-spread corruption and transportation nightmares upload lots to the value of this already steeply-priced spice.

It’s due to this that saffron is likewise one of the world’s Kesar  maximum regularly falsified commodities. This is not anything new — Pliny, the tremendous Roman philosopher and historian commented on this very reality in the first century AD.

On the Other Hand

Saffron has a totally robust and fragrant taste, so a tiny amount does move an extended way. You seldom need greater than a pinch — possibly 1/three to half of a gram — to taste maximum dishes.

The flavor of saffron is dry and earthy and might honestly be pretty bitter is too much is used. In reality, too much saffron can really reason complications and even nosebleeds in certain human beings as many newly flush beginner cooks have observed to there horror.

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