How is the heavy steel structure of assembly steel structural housing?

Heavy steel structural house is a popular building in the current market after light steel, and with the strong promotion of the country, the development of these years has been unprecedented. Whether in the city or rural areas, this structure can be seen. So, how much is the construction price of heavy steel structural housing? How about heavy steel structural housing? Let’s take a look along with the villa master.

Heavy steel structure housing construction price

The price of heavy steel structural housing is generally close to the material and artificial costs. Related, but on the current price of most urban heavy steel structural houses, we will see more than 1,600 yuan per square meter. Let’s take a look at the specific introduction:

1. Structural cost: for example Building 200 square meters of heavy steel structure house, then you need to use steels per square meter of about 60 to 70 kilograms, the weight has reached around 13 tons. Plus steel shipping and cost, etc., the cost of the heavy steel structure main material is about 150,000.

2, wall cost: The inside and outside of the heavy steel villa is also a focus of construction. It is mainly used by the environmental protection and insulation wall of the building, and the current market price is in place. One hundred or so, if it is to build two heavy steel villas, the wall cost is about 60,000.

3, Door and Window Cost: Door and window for heavy steel villas is the door and window of the villa’s special broken bridge, the gates of the imitation copper. At present, the price is around 600 yuan per square meter; calculate the cost 30,000 or so.

4, artificial cost: The steel villa is due to high technical requirements, so the construction of professional technicians, so labor costs are also higher, about 500 to six hundred yuan.

So Custom Steel Fabrication I want to build a 200 square meter heavy steel villa, then the price per square meter is about 1,600 yuan, but the economic development of different places is different, the selected style and material grade are different. The cost of construction will also be different.

III, how about heavy steel structural housing?

The reason why the heavy steel structure is so popular, mainly because of its advantages, these advantages have substantive advantages to people’s buildings, so people are willing to accept heavy steel structural houses. 1. High heat insulation performance. The heavy steel villa has a very good look, the insulation of thermal insulation is a great advantage. Although the ordinary villa is insulated, it is inspected. However, the heavy steel villa does not have such problems, because the steel plate used by the heavy steel villa is larger than the heat capacity, even if it is a hot summer, it can also be so hot that the house is hot, and winter is effective in warmth performance. 2, the material is environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary villas, the materials of heavy steel villas belong to green environmental protection materials.It can also be recycled, even if you want to move, the components that the heavy steel villas can be reused on new buildings, not only environmental protection but also the cost.

3, long service life.Ordinary residential service life is about seventy years, while the heavy steel villa can reach hundreds of years, mainly depends on the special anti-corrosion material, because the steel will not easilyOxidation deformation.

In general, the heavy steel structure house is still very good. Everyone can take priority when building a villa!For example, the villa of the villa of the villa of the villa, with a 120-level two-story new China-style heavy steel main cost, as long as 368,000 / housing, packaged materials.