Own Qualities From the Risk-free Driver

Attitude is all important when it comes to good driving. If you have an aggressive attitude then you won’t get much pleasure from being on the road and your behaviour towards others will make for some dangerous situations. Try to keep a relaxed and positive approach to your driving and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. You will provide a smoother ride for your passengers and pose less of a risk for other motorists. The driver is responsible for the safety and comfort of any passengers in the car. You are legally responsible for anyone under the age of 14 wearing a seatbelt so make sure any children are strapped in correctly. Infants and toddlers will need to be put in a suitable safety seat. Your driving style directly effects the comfort and well being of passengers. Too much acceleration followed by harsh braking can throw passengers around, make them feel car sick and even scare them. Show them the responsibility and care they deserve by driving smoothly and safely. Tolerance is an important quality in today’s busy road environment. Car drivers are notorious for becoming annoyed by cyclists and other slow moving vehicles. Make sure safe driver dubai you give them room. Tolerance for the mistakes of others is essential as people tend to make a lot of them. Avoid becoming confrontational as this leads to increased speed and less space between you and other vehicles as you let your feelings be known. It pays to take a forgiving attitude. Don’t forget you make mistakes as well and wouldn’t want to be punished for every wrong move you make. Concentration can be an issue especially among younger drivers. The mind will naturally drift when we become bored. You often see people staring into space long after the lights have turned green. A blast of someone’s car horn usually does the trick and gets them moving. Concentration suffers if you feel tired or unwell. Medications also effect our ability to concentrate. Taking an active interest in your driving at all times and taking a disciplined approach will help you to concentrate on the driving task.