Solar monitoring power supply system

Our W Type Ground Solar Mounting Systems is equipped with a 12v2a battery pack, there is no special demand, and the battery capacity is 20ah.

In the case where the battery is fully charged, it is possible to ensure that solar monitoring is operated for 20 hours. When the battery is full of electricity 1. In the case of light, the battery of 40W solar panel 15ah can be filled with 7.5H; 2. When the light is sufficient, the 50W solar panel 20ah battery, 8h can Full; 3. In the case of sufficient light, 60W of solar panel 20ah battery, 6h can be full. The battery capacity of the battery is full of 1,15ah, and the rainy day can be supplied 15h in the case of standby and work alternation. 30ah, 40ah, 50ah, 60ah of the demand can power 30 h, 40h, 50h, 60h, respectively, on the rainy days.

Expansion Data

The voltage of the solar panel varies with the light conditions, not a stable voltage, it is recommended that the voltage of the solar panel is greater than 1.5 times the battery, ensuring the power supply.

The 12V battery is equipped with 18V solar panels.

Monitor the maintenance skills of the camera

1, try to avoid directing the camera directly to the sun to avoid imaging image sensing devices of the camera; 2. Avoid camera and oil, water, vapor, water, moist Gas and dust, etc. Contact; 3, do not use irritating cleaner or organic solvent to wipe the camera; damage.

Solar monitoring also needs to note that there is no obstruction from above the solar panel to prevent insufficient receiving light, and the battery cannot be fully charged in time.

The principle of solar monitoring work

1. Using the photoelectric effect, the solar radiation can be directly converted into electrical energy, the basic device is a solar cell; 2. Solar battery is a kind of sun Light energy directly converts to electrical energy, is a semiconductor photodiode; 3. When the sun is photographed on the photodiode, the photodiode will turn the solar light into electrical energy, generate current; 4. When many batteries are connected in series or It can be a solar cell that has a relatively large output power; 5. Solar cell is a big promising new power supply, with three advantages of permanent, cleanliness and flexibility 6. Solar battery life As long as the sun exists, the solar cell can use it for a long time.