Vivo Y72 Plus Smartphone – The New Generation Phone

Vivo Y72 is a top of the line smart phone that comes with many innovative features. The handset is built upon the powerful combination of Android OS and a powerful chipset. It has all the features that one can expect from a high end smartphone. The Vivo Y72 comes with a stunning handset with a crystal clear touch screen and is powered with a single-core 1GH Processor. The device is designed to run on android Kit Kat 4.4.

The company has priced the Vivo Y72 with a price tag of Rs 13,900 within India. The phone comes in silver and prism gray color options. It is available with contract deals in different countries and is supported by several cellular network operators across the globe. The price range for this handset lies in the mid budget to high end.

The vivid color of the video y 72 gives it an exquisite vivo y72 look. It is powered with the Hi Tone Bright Engine which has great color accuracy and delivers vibrant display. The camera of this handset has been equipped with a 16 MP resolution and is equipped with optical image stabilizer, image stabilization and zooming functions. The handset also features a High Definition Audio recording feature and has the capacity to record videos and games. There is no question of losing audio quality when you connect the Vivo Y 72 to your headphones.

The connectivity options present on the video y 72 include USB Type-C port, headphone jack, MMS and Bluetooth. The microSD slot is present which can be used to add more memory to the device. There are various connectivity options present such as WiFi, Bluetooth, MMS and EDGE. One of the prominent features of this gadget is that it comes with a Notebook PC port which can be used to connect to your notebook for reading and writing documents which will help you to do office work with ease.

There are several features present such as the large LCD, backlit keys, larger battery power saving capability, aluminum metal frame and high stamina battery power. The battery power saving feature of the vivo smartphone will definitely help you to save battery power if you perform heavy tasks such as browsing and watching video. The aluminum metal frame present in the vivo smartphone is a remarkable feature, which is powered with the ionic glass technology.

If you want to get the latest handset like the vivo y72 then simply go through the internet and find one of the online stores that is offering this amazing product at affordable rates. This mobile phone is powered with a 1 GHz quad-core processor, which will ensure faster performance and also enhance the graphics and web browsing speed. Apart from these, it has built in memory which offers high amount of storage space to store the data. In addition to this, it has built in memory which provides high amount of storage space to store the data. This amazing device is available at cheap rates which is making it popular among the masses.