Ways to Determine Your Roof Pitch

Normally, your roof slope (or pitch) measurement are going to be involved with the roofing estimate if you are looking for a contractor to set up, repair, or replace your roof. Nonetheless, you may have an interest in Finding out tips on how to evaluate the pitch of one’s roof on your own. This can be helpful details to offer to contractors in an effort to get extra specifics of your roof right before an estimate. The excellent news is, slope is comparatively easy to configure. You will need the next provides:

two rulers (or any measuring Instrument While using the similar units)
a amount
Roof slopes are calculated in units of twelves. You may evaluate with twelve ft or twelve yards, but on this page We’re going to use twelve inches. One example is, any time a roof features a slope of 5/12, the roof is five inches substantial For each and every twelve inchesĀ stow roofing company very long. Another way of stating this would be that the roof has a rise of five and a operate of twelve. Figuring this is simple.

Very first, maintain the ruler horizontal with The underside edge versus the bottom of the roof. Make use of a degree to make certain it truly is beautifully horizontal. Then, maintain another ruler vertically from the twelfth device. Again, use the level to make certain that the ruler is properly vertical. The range where by the ruler intersects with The underside in the roof is the top variety of slope. In such cases, It will be 6. This means the roof incorporates a slope of six/twelve.

When you know your roof slope, it is possible to extra efficiently categorize your roof. You will find flat roofs (or lower-slope roofs), and steep-slope roofs. Flat roofs are actually not flat. When you produce a roof to be flat, it will not likely Have got a way to empty and could potentially cause severe harm to your roof and residential. Alternatively, flat roofs are classified by having a slope amongst 2/12 and 4/twelve. A steep-slope is one earlier mentioned four/twelve.

When you have a flat roof, or possibly a low-slope roof, you’ll want to use a membrane roofing technique for example TPO or EPDM. Steep-slope roofs demand a pitched roofing technique like architectural shingles, tiles or metal roofing.

Knowing the slope of your roof can help you know what type of roofing program is finest for your roof, along with support you as you Call a roofing contractor. Roofing Contractors delight in dealing with educated customers, and may feel that they can provide you with additional information and assistance about your roof if you presently know a bit about roofing usually. In addition it might serve to give you a ballpark estimate when you are speaking to a contractor over the cell phone.