What is the house installation solar system?

What do I need to install solar system for my house? Please take a look at Newton.

If you are working on your own house to install the network solar power system, this is definitely a good decision of a power complementary. It is certain that for small home systems, even if you are not a professional solar expert, you can also install solar systems themselves.

Installing the solar system is not difficult, the required tools are not complicated, but there are many factors that need to be considered when installing solar inverters. Then let’s talk about what we need to install the solar system. Installing solar systems requires: photovoltaic components, batteries, inverters, cables, photovoltaic boxes, brackets, controllers, and some installation tools. Before installing the A Type Ground Solar Mounting System, you only need to focus on the following questions, everything will be half-meter. The following is the main factor in how to set up solar systems at home:

1. Household appliances

First It can be listed in the main use of electrical load, household appliances, and add up to its total rated power. The daily power consumption is obtained according to each of its rated power and the number of hours in one day. At the same time, try to reserve a margin output rate on the basis of the maximum total power of the common home appliance you want to run.

Home appliance: TV

Rated power: 100 watts

Quantity: 2 pieces

Time: 5 hours a day [ 123] Try the daily power consumption: 100Watts x 2PCS x 5HRS \u003d 1000watts.

By understanding your daily or monthly electric billing bills, you can further decide to use solar energy to offset part or all of power. Of course, you can also get part of your urban grid.

2. Solar panels and sunlight In this section, you can further select moderate solar panel combinations based on the calculated total power consumption. Because most of the power will be supplied to your load through the photovoltaic battery board module. At the same time, the energy generated by the panel will depend on the length of your local sunshine, the longer the sunshine time, the more energy generated. Therefore, you can choose the solar panel according to the weather conditions and the average sunlight time. Then select your solar panel size, wattage, type, and quantity. 3, night reserve time The reserve power supply is mainly provided by a local urban grid or battery terminal. If you encounter the sun, rainy weather, even there is no photovoltaic energy supply at nightIn the case of, you need to consider the corresponding battery backup time and capacity in a predifiable electricity and standby time.This is because most energy stored at night by the battery to your load, while the battery is obtained from photovoltaic or urban grid during the day.

4. Mounting layout and occasion

You can also pay attention to your house layout, about its area, wiring, wiring length, and installation of solar system distance; roof design or flat concreteDoes the floor have enough space to install solar panels?

And ensure that your solar system (inverter, controller, battery, solar panel and other accessories) is connected in the correct order according to the supplier’s guidance.